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Romo… Diary of Aging Players

Romo… Diary of Aging Players

ROMO: “I’m not gonna allow this situation to negatively affect Dak or this football team by becoming a constant distraction. Ultimately it’s about the team – it’s what we’ve preached our entire lives.”

EB: The best way to deal with this situation, positively,…especially when the realization is that someone else…a younger player, is doing the job, is to teach the player that is playing. It helps by taking the emphaisis off of the situation you are in and focuses on something that builds the team. The teaching part also keeps the mind prepared for playing. Most of the time what looks final isn’t final, especially when the season is continuing.

The time for finality is for the off season. Decisions will be made in that regard then. Fears and thoughts that the career may be over may be stayed off for another season, but the end is coming. It’s a young man’s game.  (Players that play for extended periods and are still good all feel this way). It’s tough to see someone else do what you feel and know you can do. But, there is a realization, as well, that it’s really best for the team.

ROMO:”I think Dak knows that I have his back, and I think I know that he has mine.”

EB: Having each others back started in the off season. Even when Romo realized how good Dak was and that he is motivation to me and a treat to be a starter in the league, they worked closely together. Romo helped coach him even then. It’s a natural and important trait to have when you got people and natural leaders on your team that are winners in every way.

ROMO: “To say the first half of the season has been emotional would be a huge understatement. Getting hurt when you feel like you have the best team you ever have was a soul-crushing moment for me. Then to learn it’s not three or four weeks but 10 is another blow. And through it all you have a tremendous amount of guilt about letting your teammates, fans and organization down.”

EB: Part of the guilt for me was I knew I could not do what I was expected to and use to doing. The coaches seemed like that couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to me. It felt strange. It was like if you can’t help me or be on the field, you have leposy. Perhaps that was part of the mind game they played or it could have been as Tony said. “The coaches have to keep coaching.”

When I became a coach, if a player of mine got hurt, I would always find him in the training room and spend some time with him. It was important to me to let them know they were more than a football player or piece of meat to me.

ROMO: After all, they were depending on you to bring them a championship – that’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do, that’s how we’re judged. But then here you are, sidelined without any real ability to help your teammates win on the field. That’s when you’re forced to come face to face with what’s happening.

EB: While facing that reality, the fire still burns. It’s tough to look at the guy playing “your” position without saying or thinking that I would have done better. That’s the driving force of a player. I’m the best for the position. Frustration, anger and fear all surface. I used that energy to my benefit by doing extra running, stairmaster and hill work. It became my motivation.

I also had to do some reflecting. How did I allow this situation to be manifested? What was my contribution to where I am today. It made me really look at my life of football. Check out the next sentence.

ROMO:”You’re sad and down and out, and you ask yourself, “Why did this have to happen?”

EB: ROMO HAD SOME TIME TO REALLY REFLECT. (Awesome Tool…is Reflection)

ROMO: “It’s not always easy to watch. I think anybody who’s been in this position understands that. But what is clear is that I was that kid once: stepping in, having to prove yourself – I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. It really is an incredible time in your life. If I remember one thing from back then, it’s the people that helped me along when I was young.”

EB: Part of the process of winning is having those that are all about the team. They pass on the knowledge to those that come behind them. They even pass it on when someone may be a threat to “their” job because it’s best for the team. It is, as I see it, a responsibility of each position. Winning is the most important.

ROMO: “For every high school kid out there or college player, there’s greatness in being the kind of teammate who truly wants to be part of the team. Everyone wants to be the reason they’re winning or losing. Every single one of us wants to be that person. But there are special moments that come from a shared commitment, to play a role while doing it together.”

EB: This a quality of a true winner. He is to be admired as we watch him walk this part of the journey out. There will be moments of selfishness without a doubt. He will continue to want to play and have half hearted happiness for Dak and the team but will also have a real life growth process and a moment he can teach from for a lifetime. “Perfection Sought, Progress Accepted”

ROMO: “I’ve figured that you in this process. It’s what separates sports from everything else. It’s why we love it, why we trust it, it’s why I still want to play and compete.”

Lastly, I just want to leave you with something I’ve learned in this process. You know, I feel like we have two battles or two enemies going on: One with the man across from you, the second is with the man inside of you. I think once you control the one inside of you, the one across from you really doesn’t matter. I think that’s what we’re all trying to do.”

EB: The ultimate winner does the winning inside then has the ability to teach others how to win.


Understanding of Influence

What a gift to have and a gift not to be taken lightly.. The ability to guide and influence people. We are given this magnificent ability to build, heal and teach those through different mediums. Football happens to be the one I am availed.

I was listening to music in a club, but watching the way the DJ sent out the vibrations that controlled the crowd. I could feel the vibrations and watched as the crowd was driven into a frenzy. Then all of a sudden, the vibrations of the music slowed…the crow responded by moving slowly in their dance, all the while not conscience of the control they have relenquished to an outer source. Some dapped off of the floor chosing not to partake. Hmmm…

It made me think about concerts and sporting events that fill many stadiums around the world. A singer has the ability to use their voice, a band can use their music and an athlete can use his abilities on the field of play to draw different emotions out of the fans.

While at the club, I could visualize the many emotions that can be tapped into by being associated with the chosen method of getting inside to the inner being and really finding out about myself. It altered the way I saw clubs, concerts and sporting events because of the different levels of feelings and emotions that I experienced.

The crowd rises and falls with the energy associated with victories and losses on each play, each octave or each word uttered. A theater, a coliseum, a ballpark and even a classroom has the ability to have it’s energy affected by players, performers, teachers and leaders.

How does it feel to have that ability to influence or control the crowd or to have the ability to heal the crowd. That is really powerful!!! They move as you move. Every emotion is shared. They move with the rythym that is created within the performer.

Have courage and trust in the inner spirit or inner wo/man because doubt, fear and or uncertainty will surface. Believe that you have been gifted the understanding and mentality to benifit from the experience but more important, share the gift. Victory or a loss on a multitude of levels is on the line.

When we win on the inner man level, the most healing is available. Victory on and off the stage or field is available.

What a tremendous responsibility and honor to have. It’s a thrill to fight for and deliver healing to those that are receptive. We are constanly recieving the blame for losses and given adulation when success is attained. Both blame and adulation are healing agents.

My plight, my growth, my life and my spirit may be a great many things, but failure is not one. The trial by life and the trial by God is provided through the experiences. I must not be moved from where the Spirit places me. My happiness is not a necessity for me to live and be at peace.

Practice as much control over your decisions and experiences. Do it as much as you can. Nothing or noone is perfect. There may be some aspects of perfection that lie within each of us. Use the energies of life to control as much as you can while you realize that sometimes in our lives we will be controlled by other forces.

The Game For Life

Playing the game for a life time. Playing the game because it became a life. Playing the game just for the plain ole love of the game.

I have played and have coached. Both, to me, was why I was born. Born to play then reborn to coach. Natural at both, is what I would say. While playing and coaching, the referee played a major part in the game. Blowing the whistle to start the process of play and blowing it to stop a play (Okay, we won’t mention blowing a call… Everybody Fumbles! Oops).

For me, the blowing of the whistle at the end of a play, was like hitting a reset button. It gave me a chance to get back into the game if I didn’t do the job as it should have been done. It also gave me an opportunity to get back to balance when I made a fantastic play.

After the whistle, it was refocus time. Time to get singularly focused. The next play was being dialed up and I needed to be dialed in. Forgetting all that had happened on the play before and focusing on the next play… clarity was provided. Directives were given by the QB, giving me my inspirations for the next play.

Life offers some whistles. A chance to hit the reset button. Life, as does the game, doesn’t stop. It provides moments to revisit, rejuvenate then focus on the next play.

Both life and the game are beautiful. They are to be cherished and loved. Be inspired.

Mental and Physical Stretching

As the body needs stretching to operate optimally, so does the mind. As with the body, when it hasn’t been stretched in a while, it resists what you are trying to do. If you fight with it, then it will continue to resist. If you have the courage to breathe deep and slow thus taking the attention away from the pain then you are feeling. Focus the attention nice and slow so that there is a relaxing and the muscle becomes more pliable.

When dynamic changes have come in our society, it was painful mentally to those who resisted. Those who took the time to observe, think and breathe were more able to look at universal truths and have their mind stretch in such a way that the adjustment wasn’t painful for them.

With some changes we have to be forced to deal with and accept because we get stuck in our ways. We become less flexible when we resist evolution. The world will evolve, so we should be on alert regarding. Then when our minds are forced to stretch, it won’t be as mentally painful as it is when we are inactive or active, but don’t stretch our muscles.

We should do our best to stretch both mentally and physically, so the body and the brain can absorb the change and growth needed to live a healthy vibrant life.

Breathe and Feel

Each breath brings with it thoughts and direction. Each one of the thoughts are mini prayers. When directed they become our path. Continually impressing the mind while in prayer helps to direct the inner spirit. If we practice control of the breath and the mini thoughts, we can assist the manifestations in our life.

By feeling what we truly desire…by adding the positive emotions that have been gifted to us, we can drive our lives into what we feel and believe.

The inner man does not know or let’s say doesn’t differentiate between when you say “I do want” or “I don’t want.” Be as clear as possible regarding your true desires. Love yourself enough to place your breath and feeling in proper order.

Body, Mind,Spirit

Body, Mind,Spirit


Continual Rehabilitation Poem

A body will return to its natural state of rest Naturally, it’s not wanting to stand for a test. It’s not always agreeing to do it’s best. Push it, coddle it or give it a caress.

When I pulled my hamstring during the Brown’s summer camp in 1994, I found myself looking at some of the healthy players and wondering why they were healthy and I’m not.

I had to be in the training room healing, instead of on the field competing for the starting job. Rehab was tedious. It was a weakening then a strengthening and healing process.

Working my way back from my first hamstring injury was totally different than, lets say, an ankle sprang. I thought I could work through it just like I had done with my other injuries. It was different!

Pinched nerves from my neck…no problem, ligament damage in my knee…come onnnn, dislocated fingers…piece of cake. That left hamstring!!! I tried to work through that and bam! I’m down another two weeks. It still hurts me to this day.

It still needs rehab. If I don’t workout, stretch or give it ice and the hot tub, it lets me know. Shiggadee…it hurts without that. Imagine how it would be if I didn’t rehab. The process is continual.

As we continue in the aging process, the natural inclination of the body is to lose muscle and tone. Atrophy happens quickly to a body that is at rest consistently.According to my studies, exercise in general is recommended for us all. For me, it’s most important for those that have played sports and suffered injuries. Yes! It’s going to hurt, but the alternative may be even worse.

Getting overweight, losing all your flexibility and dealing with the issues that come with those, is your alternative. Quality of life is at stake.

I’ve always been a little vain. I like to fit into some of my old clothes and like how I look in them. Is Coogi out of style? Hmmmm

Whatever the motivation, get yourself some rehab for your body, mind and soul. Self efficacy, health, vanity or rehabbing an old injury, may be your motivation. What ever it is, get it done.

NFL Play 60 does a good job encouraging our youth. Getting kids started in sports or exercise in general is key. Starting a lifestyle of exercise early is important. On the other hand, it’s never to late to get started.

Check with your Doctors first!

Take care of you so… “You” can take care of others.

Spirit, Mind, Body