Mental and Physical Stretching

Mental and Physical Stretching

As the body needs stretching to operate optimally, so does the mind. As with the body, when it hasn’t been stretched in a while, it resists what you are trying to do. If you fight with it, then it will continue to resist. If you have the courage to breathe deep and slow thus taking the attention away from the pain then you are feeling. Focus the attention nice and slow so that there is a relaxing and the muscle becomes more pliable.

When dynamic changes have come in our society, it was painful mentally to those who resisted. Those who took the time to observe, think and breathe were more able to look at universal truths and have their mind stretch in such a way that the adjustment wasn’t painful for them.

With some changes we have to be forced to deal with and accept because we get stuck in our ways. We become less flexible when we resist evolution. The world will evolve, so we should be on alert regarding. Then when our minds are forced to stretch, it won’t be as mentally painful as it is when we are inactive or active, but don’t stretch our muscles.

We should do our best to stretch both mentally and physically, so the body and the brain can absorb the change and growth needed to live a healthy vibrant life.

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