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Body, Mind,Spirit

Body, Mind,Spirit


Continual Rehabilitation Poem

A body will return to its natural state of rest Naturally, it’s not wanting to stand for a test. It’s not always agreeing to do it’s best. Push it, coddle it or give it a caress.

When I pulled my hamstring during the Brown’s summer camp in 1994, I found myself looking at some of the healthy players and wondering why they were healthy and I’m not.

I had to be in the training room healing, instead of on the field competing for the starting job. Rehab was tedious. It was a weakening then a strengthening and healing process.

Working my way back from my first hamstring injury was totally different than, lets say, an ankle sprang. I thought I could work through it just like I had done with my other injuries. It was different!

Pinched nerves from my neck…no problem, ligament damage in my knee…come onnnn, dislocated fingers…piece of cake. That left hamstring!!! I tried to work through that and bam! I’m down another two weeks. It still hurts me to this day.

It still needs rehab. If I don’t workout, stretch or give it ice and the hot tub, it lets me know. Shiggadee…it hurts without that. Imagine how it would be if I didn’t rehab. The process is continual.

As we continue in the aging process, the natural inclination of the body is to lose muscle and tone. Atrophy happens quickly to a body that is at rest consistently.According to my studies, exercise in general is recommended for us all. For me, it’s most important for those that have played sports and suffered injuries. Yes! It’s going to hurt, but the alternative may be even worse.

Getting overweight, losing all your flexibility and dealing with the issues that come with those, is your alternative. Quality of life is at stake.

I’ve always been a little vain. I like to fit into some of my old clothes and like how I look in them. Is Coogi out of style? Hmmmm

Whatever the motivation, get yourself some rehab for your body, mind and soul. Self efficacy, health, vanity or rehabbing an old injury, may be your motivation. What ever it is, get it done.

NFL Play 60 does a good job encouraging our youth. Getting kids started in sports or exercise in general is key. Starting a lifestyle of exercise early is important. On the other hand, it’s never to late to get started.

Check with your Doctors first!

Take care of you so… “You” can take care of others.

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