Understanding of Influence

Understanding of Influence

What a gift to have and a gift not to be taken lightly.. The ability to guide and influence people. We are given this magnificent ability to build, heal and teach those through different mediums. Football happens to be the one I am availed.

I was listening to music in a club, but watching the way the DJ sent out the vibrations that controlled the crowd. I could feel the vibrations and watched as the crowd was driven into a frenzy. Then all of a sudden, the vibrations of the music slowed…the crow responded by moving slowly in their dance, all the while not conscience of the control they have relenquished to an outer source. Some dapped off of the floor chosing not to partake. Hmmm…

It made me think about concerts and sporting events that fill many stadiums around the world. A singer has the ability to use their voice, a band can use their music and an athlete can use his abilities on the field of play to draw different emotions out of the fans.

While at the club, I could visualize the many emotions that can be tapped into by being associated with the chosen method of getting inside to the inner being and really finding out about myself. It altered the way I saw clubs, concerts and sporting events because of the different levels of feelings and emotions that I experienced.

The crowd rises and falls with the energy associated with victories and losses on each play, each octave or each word uttered. A theater, a coliseum, a ballpark and even a classroom has the ability to have it’s energy affected by players, performers, teachers and leaders.

How does it feel to have that ability to influence or control the crowd or to have the ability to heal the crowd. That is really powerful!!! They move as you move. Every emotion is shared. They move with the rythym that is created within the performer.

Have courage and trust in the inner spirit or inner wo/man because doubt, fear and or uncertainty will surface. Believe that you have been gifted the understanding and mentality to benifit from the experience but more important, share the gift. Victory or a loss on a multitude of levels is on the line.

When we win on the inner man level, the most healing is available. Victory on and off the stage or field is available.

What a tremendous responsibility and honor to have. It’s a thrill to fight for and deliver healing to those that are receptive. We are constanly recieving the blame for losses and given adulation when success is attained. Both blame and adulation are healing agents.

My plight, my growth, my life and my spirit may be a great many things, but failure is not one. The trial by life and the trial by God is provided through the experiences. I must not be moved from where the Spirit places me. My happiness is not a necessity for me to live and be at peace.

Practice as much control over your decisions and experiences. Do it as much as you can. Nothing or noone is perfect. There may be some aspects of perfection that lie within each of us. Use the energies of life to control as much as you can while you realize that sometimes in our lives we will be controlled by other forces.

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