One Win Makes Browns Winners? Not So fast

One Win Makes Browns Winners? Not So fast

The Browns are 1-14 at this point. They have lost a staggering amount of games over the last 3 years. Buuuuutttt… Now they have earned a win. The hearts are a little lighter, the step has a little more pep and the water coolers have changed from alcohol back to water.

Prior to the victory, it has been almost, for some, down right heart breaking and depressing. Because of their lack of winning, are they characterized as a bunch of losers? Well duhh… No!

Can I reference the losing that occurred when I was in high school and the mentality associated with it? We lost a bunch of games. But, for some reason I never saw myself, my teammates or Baldwin High School as losers. Was it because we lost so much that we didn’t concern ourselves with placing a label on it. Thinking back, I don’t think that was part of it.

Being result oriented wasn’t something that was preached or coached. The daily task was the focus. School, weight room, practice, and games were the focus. Working hard and getting each job done was the focus. The results were just that. Results.

To me, losing doesn’t make you a loser. It’s the approach to losing that shapes who you are. The acts around losing are what make people losers. If you don’t receive instructions, corrections or resist being coached all together – loser! If you talk back to the people that are trying to help you or talk while they are trying to lead a meeting – loser2! If you think you know better than the people in charge – loser3. A bad mentality overall is a losing mentality –loser4

How do you react to being stoned by the local and national press? Going into preparation for the next game. How do you get yourself ready? If you are concerned about losing or what may be said about you, then change your approach to what you do. The characterization will change.

Even if you are losing, still give your absolute best to focus on the desire to be successful. Even if the scoreboard doesn’t show winning, you can still approach what you do and live in a winning way.

Winners learn, grow then teach. Winners for the most part are humble. Winners do their best to do the right thing. Winners always look to grow.

By loving, I mean truly loving, what you do the outcome-oriented perspective can be altered. Don’t get me wrong; the outcome of races, games or business is critical. Just don’t let the characterization get in the way of progress. Whether you win or lose.

One win does not make one a winner overall, but it sure makes the review of the game much more palatable. The overall drive to be a winner or to win should still be the same. It is a madnening process for sure.


For the love of the game.

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