Browns’ Runners

Browns’ Runners

Two out of the three running backs that the Browns are counting on this year have had to miss time because they have soft tissue injuries.

This is a position, in my estimation, that will be counted on more so this year.

The possibility that the QB position will be inconsistent looms larger than before. (Although, they practiced pretty good Sunday.)

Two of the possible guys that can be major contributors were watching practice instead of developing their respective games.

That ruffles my fricking feathers!

(possible frustration)

Yes… injuries happens to all players at one point or another. But, from all indications, these guys failed to arrive in the necessary physical condition.

When this kind of stuff happens there is a tendency to wait for it, it’s coming. Boom! The other shoe drops.

Should their mental shape be questioned as well? Dang!

With the reduced load in training camp already lightened and the possibility that they won’t get enough reps to really be ready to carry the load, they are getting further behind and in worse shape then what they came into camp.

Shiggadee!!!! It can be a dangerous and slippery slope.

Now they are going to have to be given more milk and nursed into playing, instead of being fed the meat that would truly develop them into the leaders and studs that can galvanize an entire team.

Extra running after practice needs to be mandatory. Going in early and getting extra non-impact cardio is important so they build up their mitochondrion, which helps them recover more quickly when they get tired.

Let’s go young bucks. Take the bull my the horns and don’t let go. It could be in your wheelhouse. All love

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