Odell Vs Giants

Odell Vs Giants

Pay the Man!!!


Odell Beckham and his highlight catches scream out to the football know it faithful and the greater Giant fan base to just pay the man. He has consistently shown to be one of the if not the best in the game.


The flashes that make us go ooooooo or wooooowwwww really stand out. Some of the bad behavior on and off the field has done the same thing.


It makes you wonder why is he doing that? Why is he not practicing the control of his emotions like he has shown in controlling his body? That type of body control is world class and would be some of the best in any sport.


If he would get control of his emotions that would free the Giants up even more, thus opening the bank up for him without other concerns.


I would dare to say and speculate that we have only seen the highlights of the actions that have proven over time to be cancerous to many teams. I’m guessing that what we have seen is the tip of the iceberg.


No one knows you like your family. The Giants know Odell best.


Why else would the Giants coaches, GM, and ownership not make Odell one of the highest paid receivers in the game?


Eli has spoken about his actions. The head coach did as well and finally at the end of the season Jerry Reese, the GM stepped up and challenged Odell.


Many will say that they (Giants) are trying to speak negative about him to keep his money down. If so then they will suffer on a different level.


Instead of him staying away from the organization, perhaps he should get a Lords of London Insurance, which insures and covers possible injury, then go show the Giants that he has grown some. The Emotional Maturity that they seek from him on and off the field should be put on display.


That way, the trust he has earned in making plays, he can demonstrate that better judgment and growth while in house and with interactions with the players and coaches. Staying away may help, but having interface with the team and working to improve your craft may get him what he desires quicker.


From the Giants perspective, they can offer Odell a contact that is incentive laced in regards to the concerns they have, especially from a team building perspective. This is not their first rodeo with a problem player. (LT)


The best solution is to always operate from a team based perspective. What’s best for the team will be best for the individual.


I would love to see the Emotional Maturity be developed in a player as physically talented as Odell Beckham. Seeking to grow from his experiences has the potential to take him and his team to another level.



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