Loving You From The Inside

Loving You From The Inside


The inner spirit is there. Comforting, giving direction, unctions and vision. It is there constantly. Never wavering, never changing and always balanced.

When we get angry, lose our temper or having a moment of insanity, what is the cause of this? Is the inner spirit angry? The body is definitely affected. The heart races, temperature rises and nerves get frayed. When our minds return to normalcy, what has changed about the inner spirit. Has it moved? Is it altered by the anger that the mind and body has just experienced?

When an individual smokes a joint or ingest marijuana by eating, what is affected by the inhalation or ingestion? Is it the body or mind or Inner Spirit? When the affects of the smoking or eating have worn off, what has changed within? Has the spirit that is within been affected?

It is said that the Spirit is the same… Yesterday, today and tomorrow. It will never change and will always be. The inner Spirit is never affected by what our bodies or minds go through. It’s our one constant. It’s always there, watching and waiting for us. Ready and able to give, guide and direct at any moment. When we say, I’m drunk, high, angry or even sick… Or I suck, I failed or I’m a loser, who am I really talking about? For sure, not the inner spirit.

If we can save the judgement of ourselves and others, learn to feel from a balanced perspective, the Spirit will be there to catch all. Positive or not, the inner spirit is not affected. When we get off balance… And we will, check your inner guidance. Feel the balance that is provided and try to live a life from an inside out perspective. Freedom and love awaits.

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