QB & Offensive Communication

QB & Offensive Communication

It is well documented that the Jets try to break down the opponents pass protection so they can bring an extra guy. That extra guy is to sack, hit or at least make the QB throw the ball early.

There are many hours spent trying to figure out the blitz zone package that the Ryan brothers like to run. We had a feel for it when I coached with the Titans. I can’t give that secret away. It will cost ya.

Generally the center is the QB of the offensive line. Although that is the case, the QB has the ability to overrule him if he recognizes something the center can’t see. They identify the Mike backer which in turn tells the offensive line who they block. After that, the line will in turn make calls to each other so everyone is on the same page.

You see most QBs In the league walk up to the line, call out the number and point to the mike backer. Payton Manning and Tom Brady are players that are the most definitive prior to the snap. The declaration is made in both the passing and run game. It makes sure that everyone knows the mike but also where the other backers are. In the passing game it let’s the QB know where he is at risk when the defense blitzes.

We are back in the Jets vs Packer game… Green Bay has the the ball just before the half. Remember, the QB generally has the control over this declaration. But is this case the QB of the line…the center has the control.

The reason this is interesting is that on two occasions I heard Arron Rogers ask the lineman “where y’all going”? I almost laughed! Arron saw a overload blitz coming and wanted to know which way he would need to slide to deliver the ball. After getting the signal from the center, Arron did a great job of sliding, just enough, to his right or left to deliver the ball. It’s eight seconds left in the first half when he last did in the first half. It ended with a strike to Randall Cobb for a TD.

Excellent job of communication between Arron and his offensive line. It shows how good plays are made when everybody is on the same page.

Coach EB

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