Intent gives you direction. It will be a rudder to your boat, a wind to fill your sail and energy to make the right decisions in your life.

Knowing what you intend to achieve in each moment of life can help you build a solid foundation. Start each task with as clear an intent as possible. If you are an athlete, review as much as you can, as yourself, why are you going into this meeting, why are you going to run the hill? Give yourself as much energy as you desire. The more directed energy you have, the more you will head towards the future you desire.

The directed energy will help you overcome or shake off anything that can get you off course. If you have allowed anything to get you off course, then intent can get you redirected.

To me, intent gives you purpose. When your tired of going to a meeting, when you want to question your coaches decisions or when one of your teammates wants to do something that will hurt the process and progress of the team, your team’s overall intent can assist you.

Moment by moment, experience after experience, intent can keep you focused.

The mind wants to go on small trips. It wants to drift along the way sometimes. It wants to travel on the other side of town when you are in the meeting. It wants to take a nap instead of stay awake and get the most out of the meeting. Intent will help you build the mental muscle.

For the most part, training the mind is not what we focus on. Lifting weights and building strength takes rep after rep, year in and year out. Lifting mental weights should be focused on as well. Intent will assist in the weight training of the mind.

Earnest Byner

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