Good Soldier or Not

Good Soldier or Not

A process of getting your orders, mentally ingesting them or make them yours, has to be taken to heart. Either you take the lead in this part of the team process or you may become one of the ones that will not fulfill your potential.

Good and great players have a way of receiving good coaching and making the coaching points better. In my mind a good player can play in any system because he has the ability to make his game relevant in any scheme.

The players that take ownership of the information given to them, then have the ability to do what’s required of them, make the others on the team better. They do this by spreading the good news to the others in a way that requires them to acquiesce.

Problems come when guys think they know better then the coaches or perhaps a culture of accepting less than has been the way of doing things. They tend to hear the coach but not listen.

A losing culture has too much of hearing but not listening. They are use to doing what they think is right as opposed to following the instructions given or they don’t take the instruction and make it work for them. Theses guys will end up hurting themselves and the teams that they are on.

What’s not recognized by those type is that they will, in short order, be out of the game. Carnage by the side of the game’s road, is what they will be.

Whether it’s they can’t or won’t do what’s asked of them does matter to me. The can’t ones have to be replaced with those that can and will. The ones that won’t need to be replaced because they present an I know best attitude. Both will produce an overall losing mentality.

They are dangerous! Thus, they need to be found out, instructed and advised of the consequences of their mentality, then dealt with appropriately.

The good soldiers, team players, will get it. They are the ones that you give more ownership to. They will also be the ones that can and must reach and teach the others.


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