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March 13, 2015

By Coach Byner

The talk leading up to the Cincy game was Johnny football. The talk has been sense is…of course all about Johnny football. It was all about His first start and his lack of efficiency. No fairy or I should say Johnny dust to sprinkle and make it all good.

My thoughts at this point go back to the defense. I’m looking at two plays that give the tone of the day for the Browns.

The Bengals get the ball first. Opposite of what I had envisioned as the beginning. Anyway, they get the ball and STEAM roll their way down the field. The first four run plays go 3,7,8 and six yards. A dominant way to start.

The picture below shows the blocking scheme that the Browns D had to face. It’s a play we use to call 36 BOB. B.O.B. means back on backer or from a defensive perspective Backer on Back. The fullback and the linebacker have to go man to man in the hole.

In the picture below you can see the play has started and the action is on. The blocking scheme is taking full flight and Bam!! the full back is underneath the linebackers chin. No go on the technique by #53. He should be delivering a blow to the fullback. Look where is hands are. If you can see, it’s like he is hugging # 89s head. Trust me 89 was tough the rest of this drive too.

This is a tone setter for what’s to come. A ass waxing is in order.

In the next picture, which was later in the first drive, Bernardo is about to release out of the backfield to run a wheel route. The two receivers will run shallow routes to shield/pick the defenders. Circled in black are four of the Browns defenders. Who should have the flat area? Well they don’t cover it.


The ball has been snapped and the shallow routes have begun and #25 is releasing on his wheel route. SCOTT FREE. Circled in red are four Browns defenders. I ask again, WHO HAS THE FLAT??? Everyone is fixated on the receivers. Look at their heads. No one is looking at the runner. Pass complete for a big gain and a BS horse collar call on top of it all.


So the the topic can be on Mister Football but the defense has a bunch to get right. Johnny has motivation to get his butt in gear just as all the others that took a real butt whooping.

Coach EB

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