Browns Reason To Celebrate

Browns Reason To Celebrate

Reason to Celebrate?

Victories are hard to come by in any sport. Anytime a team has crossed the threshold of winning, a different level of confidence is gained. It’s a minor miracle. In the NFL those victories are precious! Especially when you have lost 14 games in one season.
The Cleveland Browns won their first game in over a year. We were “Partying Like It was 1999.” (ok a Princeism) Hue Jackson said “Gameballs for everyone in the organization.” The celebration was on!

I wonder what will be painted on the game ball. “First victory of 2016 Browns” or “Whew! Off the snide 2016.”

I almost wanna say “Really?! We/the Browns are celebrating one win?! Well hell Yes! It was a hell of a long ride baby. You could see the relief come out of First Energy Stadium!

The loyal long suffering Browns fans endured this heartache with dignity. Even Dee and Jim Haslam showed their relief and excitement after the final kick was missed by the Chargers.

Yes, we loved the team and the game they played even after each of the losses while subconsciously trying to figure out, “What the hell is going on out there?!”(Lombardi)

While there is hope that all has been figured out and the staff, players and coaches have chosen the right rudder to right the ship, the reality is that it’s going to take more to get all rowers rowing the ship in the direction of winning.

It takes a hell of a lot to lose 14 straight. It takes a hell of a lot to win one. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more directional development and determination to be a true winner.

One win leads to two then leads to three. Celebrate each victory that is gained… They are precious. Continue to develop and expect winning while understanding the foundation that will manifest the future outcomes.

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