Review, Rehearse, Remember

Review, Rehearse, Remember

Review, Rehearse, Remember


Coach Earnest Byner

March 4, 2015



How does a player make the plays under the pressure of the game? When the chips get down and the opposing team is attacking, there has to be a plan that precedes action.

Most of the plays, situations and adjustments have been covered either in meetings or on the practice field. The other place they get covered is in the privacy of a player’s mind.

The lessons of each situation are covered by the coaches. As Teachers of the game plan, they use valuable meeting time to go over most of the details. It’s never enough time to get it all. There has to be a dependency on the player, but rest assured the player is given his basics and possible adjustments…FOR THE MOST PART.

Here is where the team goes to another level. When they get enough guys to have ownership and buy-in, they have the ability to raise the preparedness and the level of play.


Shortly after receiving the information, game plan and assignments, the player should go back over notes and key points. Even the part that is known…skim it. What has not struck the mind in a way that is readily remembered, find something that causes you to pull it out of your mind when needed. So basically, go back over what you have been given.


Now, this is an important part of the process as well. While reviewing also rehearse what you should be doing. Rehearse the initial responsibility, then, rehearse what your adjustments should be if…. If this, then I do that…if that, then I do this. Go through all your adjustments. REHEARSE…


When it’s reviewed and rehearsed… It will be remembered. The assignments will become like breathing. It will become innate. When this is done, it cuts down on the mistakes that are made. When the test is administered, the student is prepared.

Mistakes will still be made, but the score for the test/Game will be higher. Retention will be better as will the ability to have the information available at the right time.

Review, Rehearse, Remember

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