Loyalty…where is it

Loyalty…where is it


Has free agency affected the length of players career? It has definitely hurt the overall development of the players on and off the field.

Earning your way or veterans taking young guys under their wings has become more difficult because the deck of players are constantly shuffled.

The sense of team or family can’t be a talking cry.

There had to be continuity some where in the organization. A certain way of doing things or a certain type of player being sought or acquired.

The constant shuffle of coaches and players has made it more difficult to have lasting and continued success.

Loyalties are limited because ties have to be cut shorter and shorter based on monies or the lack of microwave success.

The better player developers in form of coaches, are at a premium. John Fox & Harbaugh will be missed at their former places of employment. Marty Schottenheimer and Tony Dungy were difficult to replace.

After Marty and Tony left their respective teams, there was short success because of the culture that was built, but it was short lived.

When you have good coaches in house, find a way to make it work. Replacing them, almost assuredly, will cost.

Microwave success is short term, but may be a necessity in this modern day football. It may show deficiencies more quickly while providing short careers for players and constant turnover within the coaching and front office ranks.

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