Culture Shock

Culture Shock

“Sad years” characterize teams that have been consistently losing. They have had to make coaching and or front office changes and in some cases have purged their rosters. For some teams that has been their reality… their norm. The ways of doing things, that led to the need of new blood, have to be rooted out. An organizational difibulator has had to be used. “Culture Shock”

It can be recognized right now, at this very moment. When organizations decide to change the mindset that has prevailed, it takes a concerted and focused effort. The battle for this is a hell of a challenge, but a battle worthy of undertaking so lasting change can be in effect. The shock to the mental and nervous system of the players will be a strange one, but the fight needs to be waged with unyielding perseverance.

During the first two pre-season games, the Browns have faced two teams that have had to go through cultural change. It’s Atlanta’s second year while Green Bay has been a mainstay in the post season for some time. Both, as you know, are ahead of the curve and down the road some with the culture change and buy in from the players. With it being Kotter’s second year running the offense, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ahead on the offensive side but have to play catch up on the defensive side.

Yes, the Browns are behind the teams that are being faced when you consider time on task for the staff, player connections and the expectations. Growth, in short order, is the prescription, when we know team building and winning is the consideration. The willness to battle for winning ways has to be built and reinforced, especially from a players perspective.

I was willing to fight for that growth. I didn’t know what it would take, totally, to make the team become a winner. But, I knew we had to become a team that out worked the opponents, challenged each other and competed each and everyday to be the best we could be. Yes!!! I was willing to physically fight when I saw the challenges placed before us not being met. Yes!!! I was nuts… My love for the team and it’s overall well being was my barometer.

I’ll ask… Do you love the team enough to make the necessary sacrifices that will produce team wide success?

There must be continual buy in and enough love to make that move. Yes… It’s a bold move, but a worthy one. Which team, with new leadership, will be able to produce the desired results the quickest will most assuredly have gotten the attention of key players and done the necessary follow up need to foster the desired results.


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