ROMO: After all, they were depending on you to bring them a championship – that’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do, that’s how we’re judged. But then here you are, sidelined without any real ability to help your teammates win on the field. That’s when you’re forced to come face to face with what’s happening. The realization of a NFL career being over…

RG3…His NFL career and the possibility of it being over has hopefully prompted a renewed or new perspective on playing the game. It did for Romo. RG3 is younger but has missed substantial time due to injury, just as Romo. He has to be concerned about the opportunities perhaps dwindling for him right before his and our eyes.

I wonder did he take some time to do some soul searching and come “face to face with what’s happening” like Tony Romo mentioned. My hope is that that time served to motivate him into being the player his talent warrants.

Does he really want to take the punishment it will take to play at a championship level? Has he had enough… I mean way down deep in his spirit..? Only he really knows.

Good soul searching and mind building can be gone through during the time an injury has been taken away the game from a player like RG3. It can be the motivation to rededicate or give into the inevitable end of a playing career and the beginning of another aspect of life.

Comparison of the thoughts between the two… Romo’s experience was a soul searching one… He developed in some ways, perhaps spiritually and or mentally… During his speech, you could feel his level of thought and perception.

Has this time on injuried reserve served as a realization and appreciation of a career been an awaking for RG3? What has been his emotinal struggle, if any? Has his spirit been touched in a way that really changes him? It will be shown in how he approaches his chosen craft.

The true winner’s mentality was shown in the speech that Romo gave. The winner’s mentality can be shown by RG3. Look for it in his next opportunity as a Browns QB.

ROMO: Lastly, I just want to leave you with something I’ve learned in this process. You know, I feel like we have two battles or two enemies going on: One with the man across from you, the second is with the man inside of you. I think once you control the one inside of you, the one across from you really doesn’t matter. I think that’s what we’re all trying to do.”


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