Browns Hope

Browns Hope

There may be a little disappointment in the Browns runners at this point. It has been said that “Guys don’t want to be the lead bell cow guy.” Ooooo another feather got ruffled! The Browns are looking for a leader and some ownership from the backfield participants. There is disappointment but, there is hope for recovery.

My hope is in the position coach they have. He has been through many wars, as a player and as a long standing and good coach. He understands how to get into the minds of his guys and find out what motivates them.

My hope is also in the guys that are trying to play the position. West, based on interactions that I have seen, has to mature. At times, don’t spend time trying to prove you know what you are doing while showing that you don’t. Based on tape studied, he also has to develop his overall understanding of the run concepts so he can best help his lineman be better players. Setting up you lineman is one of the best things great runners do. I do feel that he will get it, after his brief example that the game can be taken away from you.

There may need to be more examples of that to keep him inspired.

Isaiah Crowell has been the healthiest so far. I liked his demeanor over all. I have felt he has the ability to step in. I like his overall demeanor and feel he can develop into a leader for the Browns team. Also, he may be the best pass protector.

Duke seems to have the best overall talent. After my brief encounter with him, I sense he has another gear mentally. When the games get bigger, he may be the one that can go to that next level. His best ability will be available.

Wilbert has been able to motivate, inspire and teach good players. Look for that to continue as the season progresses.

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