Discovery, implementation and strategies.

Discovery is important for us to take time in discovery first. Some firms build a website before even meeting a client. Other firms, want to talk about how great they are. We know design is not the entire picture. Successful marketing results require both science and art. Our work starts with immersing ourselves in our client’s business. We look to uncover key value propositions and craft powerful brand stories. We are focused on connecting consumers to these engaging stories.

Implementation. At Big Brown Dog, we have built a reputation with our clients for being responsive. Each project begins with one goal in mind;  your success. From there we use state of the art tools, take advantage of creative trends and work to integrate our strategies into your business’ overall marketing plan. Marketing should be the most enjoyable part of your business.

Strategies. Let’s start by saying that search engine optimization is not everything. Nor is it an excuse to call a plan a success or failure. We can’t use a “paper” marketing strategy for a digital one. SEO, PPC and CRO may make sense for some clients. With other clients, lead capturing, nurturing strategy and social media are the most effective ways to move buyers to awareness to advocacy. We look to build your audience across more channels. There is more to social marketing that Facebook, Linkin and Twitter. We strive to steadily build rapport with your consumers and build a loyal following through sites that inspire action, content that makes an impact and building an experience that align with our clients goals, delivering measurable results.

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